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Diverse Selection of High Quality U.S. and Canadian Foods

At E. Boyd & Associates, we source foods from our extensive network of suppliers in North America. In our 40+ years in this business we have worked with nearly every product imaginable. Today, our main focus is on individually quick frozen vegetables and fruits. IQF processing has become the gold standard in frozen foods due to its ability to retain the freshness and moisture of crops just harvested from the fields. We also distribute processed products such as frozen and asceptic purees, juices and concentrates as well as protein products and dried fruits and nuts.


Below is a sample of some of the high quality frozen and dried food products we distribute:

Wild & Cultivated Blueberries
Other Berries and Fruits
Green Peas
Green Beans
Mixed Vegetables
Potato Products
Puree and Concentrates
Meat and Poultry Products
Dried Fruits & Nuts
Other Agricultural Products
Processed Food Products

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